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Mission Statement

Mission, Vision and Core Values Statements

Our CL Mission Statement:

A seasonal, non-permanent living, quality focussed resort providing RV sites andpark models to enjoy socially interactive activities for active retired adultswho reside in southwest Florida ten or fewer months per year.

Our CL Vision Statement:

We aim to provide an opportunity to make lasting friendships through current andrelevant, adult focussed, relaxing social activities in season that engage boththe mind, body and spirit.


Our CL Core Values:

      We focus on providing quality in all our activities ensuring our current andfuture 10-10-10 quality rating for RV Resorts.

      We value and provide honesty, integrity, fairness and transparency in all ouractivities and interactions.

      We believe in a strong and healthy financial position for our POA by prudentlymanaging all business aspects of the resort including our sales, rentals andour financial reserves.

      We focus on providing socially interactive activities geared towards activeretired adults from all nationalities.

      We are a seasonal non-permanent residency community and our focus is towardsnon-permanent occupancy.

      We are a community that expresses friendship towards each other through a friendlywave and a smile when passing each other.

      We encourage volunteerism as we believe it builds harmony and community spirit.

      We follow and abide by all federal, state and county regulations pertaining to theoperation of our resort.

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